Curiosity and the Creative Mind

Countless publications, from Forbes to Psychology Today, have touted the benefits of cultivating curiosity among leaders and employees alike. 

Curiosity breeds creativity. 

Curiosity is the source of innovation and growth. 

Creative people, no matter how disciplined, can not stay innovative without inspiration and new experiences. 

Giving your team the day off to get their hands in a craft activity, or a heading out for a brewery tour around Portland are easy ways to increase camaraderie and give folks a little time out of the office.


Instilling or cultivating a deep sense of curiosity in an employee or leader, is a more complicated proposition, but one that has the potential to shift behavior in the workplace. 


With over 5 years of developing, teaching and facilitating craft and adventure-based team-building experiences, Chelsea has a unique perspective on what it takes to make people truly curious. She has designed a style of excursion where the primary outcome is to insight curiosity on a deeper level. 

Curiosity Fieldtrips may introduce teams to unique individuals for a day of observing, learning and creating. A Fieldtrip might begin with a studio visit with a local artist and ending with a backroom tour of a gallery collection. Or a Fieldtrip might take a group to harvest at a local farm and end in the kitchen of one of Portland's most innovative restaurants for a private cooking lesson. 

Chelsea curates these experiences based on the interests of each group, going to great lengths to make interesting and meaningful connections.